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to edward snowden, the national security agency leaker. that prompted president obama to call off a formal meeting with putin during this trip. the russian leader suggested yesterday it doesn't matter whether they like each other. >> ( translated ): president obama hasn't been elected by the american people with the purpose of being pleasant to russia, and your humble servant hasn't been elected by the people of russia to be pleasant to anyone. we work, we argue about some issues. we are human, sometimes one of us gets vexed. but i would like to repeat once again that global mutual interests form a good basis for searching for joint decisions.b, putin said it's "completely ridiculous" to conclude that the sycurity council, and today samantha power, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., said that leaves "no viable path forward" athe world body. >> even in the wake of the flagrant shattering of the international norm against chemical weapons use, russia continues to hold the council hostage and shirk its international responsibilities, including as a party to the chemical weapons convention. >> b
. national security agency developed commonplace internet according to media reports citing documents obtained by ed -- and as a leader ed snowden. systems which have been broken have not been revealed. those are your news headlines on the fox business network. back to the lady with smart and has great jam. dagen: you too. so good to see you, thank you so much. larry summers, put your dukes of. when it comes to your possible nomination as federal reserve chief he faces a big fight in congress with some democrats. elizabeth macdonald has the bottom line. courtesy of their partners at the wall street journal. >> he has got to make it past the senate banking committee first. all fed nominees have to get past the senate banking committee first. three top democrats and wall street journal may oppose his nomination as fed chair come this september. what we're seeing is elizabeth warren of massachusetts, jeffrey berkeley from oregon, likely expected to oppose. here is the bottom line. democrats have a slim two vote majority on senate banking. of the can't get those three to back him he is fi
. >>> and the national security agency reportedly has the ability to break the security codes of most encrypted websites that are used by america. three media outlets say the latest revelation comes from the former nsa contractor edward snowden. documents he leaked show the nsa built powerful super- computers to break encryption codes. >>> george zimmerman could be heading to divorce court. his wife shelley is filing for divorce after six years of marriage. she was in court in july when her husband was acquitted of second-degree murder in the killing of trayvon martin. >>> former nfl player aaron hernandez is back in court to be arraigned again today. 23-year-old is expected to plead not guilty to first- degree murder in the shooting death of his friend odin lloyd. hernandez is also being investigated in connection to an unsolved 2012 double homicide in boston. the new england patriots released hernandez after police arrested him over the summer. >>> and the ubinas volcano in peru spewed smoke and ash into the sky yesterday the 8th eruption this week. authorities closed schools and are recommending evac
by the national security agency or n.s.a. and like other disclosures, the latest information comes from documents provided by former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden. in this case, the reporting was done by a partnership of "the new york times," pro-publica and "the guardian." reporters found the n.s.a. is able to crack through encryption or protective encoding tools that are used by businesses, banks, social media and other kinds of online commerce. for example, it's often assumed that when you purchase a product online or bank online with a secured and locked h.t.t.p.s. connection, you have protected your password and financial information. but the news reports say the n.s.a. can unlock that information. nicole perlroth is a cybersecurity reporter with "the new york times." she joins us from san franciso. so, nicole, how significant is this? >> this is huge. this was the last bastion of privacy on the internet and what we've discovered is that the last few decades, the n.s.a. has been actively working to crack or circumvent the incontraception technologies we all use, not just for internet bank
is reporting. it says the u-s national security agency can access users data on all major smartphones. the magazine cites internal documents from the n-s-a. in them the agency describes setting up dedicated teams to crack protective measures on iphones, blackberry, and android devices. the data includes contacts, call lists, notes and location data. the documents don't indicate that the nsa is conducting mass surveillance of phone users but rather that these techniques are used to eavesdrop on specific people. >> bank of america will pay nearly 40 - million dollars to settle a gender bias claim. the lawsuit claims the bank discriminated against women in pay and in business opportunities. the settlement was announced friday. more than four thousand employees are eligible to receive funds. the settlement also requires an independent consultant to study bank of america's practices to see how they can be more inclusive. >> google finding another way to keep it's employees happy. their top rated 4-0- 1 k plan. a new survey found lawyers, tech workers, airline pilots and lawyers have some o
. they show incidents in which the national security agency went too far, and then misled a secret oversight court about the violations. to halt the collection of phone data. so the liberty group civil liberties groups sued to force release of the material. in india, a court convicted four men today in the fatal gang rape of a young woman last year. the incident triggered worldwide condemnation and reforms in india's sexual violence laws. we have a report from john sparks of independent television news. . >> not long after sun viez, a police van swept past the cameras and into a district court in delhi. inside the vehicle, four men wearing hoods, four men accused of a crime that shocked and deeply shamed the people of india. outside of the gate, an angry crowd formed up. >> we want justice. they have come to hear the judge's verdict and deliver an impromptu one of their own. >> a death sentence for everyone convicted of rain, said this woman. five men and one juvenile were charged with torturing, rain raping and murdering a 23-year-old physio therapy student last november. police say the gan
-known national security agencies that deal with threats to the global, when you are dealing with local threats and lone wolves, it is police boots on the ground, local folks , community leaders with got to be part of the process of identifying threats. >> right here. right here, second row. secretary, i wanted you to address the boston marathon. he said communication is key but in that situation one problem was communication between certain departments and government and certain governments. ts are not inac and i do not want to speculate. you have to look at this and several stages. be,set of questions will why? somehow they lost track of tsarnaev, the old when once he went over -- the older one with the went over to chechnya and was over there for a few months. why there was not an alert on that. why the russian warning was not integrated or taken seriously. the second set of issues is whether with in the u.s. government where people did have warning, how come they did not pursue it further communicate? i do not know the answer but that's a second case of issues. amonghe bombings occurred --
.s. national security agency has the ability to access all smartphones and determine the users' locations. at the u.s. own, it's serena williams versus victoria azarenka on the women's side while dzhokhar tsarnaev will face off against long-time rival raphael nadal on the men's side tomorrow. you can see the women's final here on cbs later today. and in case you haven't heard, there are reports that bruno mars will get the biggest gig of his life, playing the halftime show at next february's super bowl. now here's today's weather: summer hangs around just a little bit longer in the plains with temperatures in the 90s while further west hail, gusty winds and isolated tornadoes may develop. the week ahead starts off mild in the northeast with chance of storms mid-week. next... >> well, i just felt if i can outsmart them, so much the better. >> the art of the fake. ♪ come on. come on ♪ >> and later,,, >> the collector who falls for the art of the fake is likely to feel embarrassed, to say the least. not so the fakeer, who has taken so many of those collectors in. we spoke to a painter wh
of documents leaked by former national security agency contractor edward snowden show that the u.s. spied on brazil's state oil company. the report on globo television added the information during a sunday night program featuring u-s journalist glenn greenwald, who has been reporting on the snowden documents. greewald said last week that the documents showed u.s. spy agencies had monitored the president of brazil, as well as mexico's new president prior to his election. >> a man is dead this morning during a 49ers game from yesterday. also, pandora is getting some competition. >> this is a live look outside. side-by-side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board -- [ flo chuckles ] [ whirring ] hey, how's that atom-splitting thing going? [ whirroh! ] call or click today. >> watching wall street a wild a day on friday. concerns on the conflict with syria. and it actually went over the 15,000 mark and another volatile trading day with it the jobs report coming out on friday. futures are of right now. we will have the opening numbers coming up. >> also, microsoft
indicate the national security agency violated some of its own phone record rules and it presented false information to the foreign intelligence surveillance board about the violation. the papers were released to comply with an aclu request. >>> and if you have been waiting the arrival of a brand new iphone, you will soon have two to choose from. apple unveiled its iphone 5s today along with the 5c, a lower cost plastic alternative. the 5s is expected to be faster and will come in three different colors, silver, gray and gold. it also has special features including a fingerprint sensor to replace passwords. the 5c comes in a range of colors and starts at about $99. both devices will be available september 20th. preorders begin on friday. >>> coming up in our special report, russia's connection to syria's chemical weapons. how moscow may have helped syria build its stockpile. >>> and rand paul discusses whether president obama deserves any credit for the diplomacy now unfolding. [ male announcer ] pepcid® presents: the burns family bbq. guys, you took tums® a couple hours ago. why keep
that while the national security agency has a big dog, it's an important participant. i used to work there. very supportive of it. but everyone in the country needs to be reassured that when we're talking about cybersecurity, it's d.h.s. that's setting the policy and dealing with the data, not the national security agency. so what i would say is maybe d.h.s. doesn't need so much a bigger dog as a leash. and authorizing legislation can provide that kind of reassurance to the american people. >> thank you for those comments. how do we better honor the loss of all those lives 2 years ago this morning? do -- 12 years ago this morning? do we join some of our colleagues on the steps of the capitol for an observance or do we better honor their lives and their loss by continuing to do our work here today? we believe the best way is for us to continue doing that. we'll continue going through the 11:00 hour and give us a chance to really drill down on some of these important issues. with that having been said, let me yield to dr. coburn. >> well, thank you, mr. chairman. couple points on what i hear
outside wal-mart stores. they want a minimum pay of $25,000 a year. >> the national security ayency has cracked a major code. agency found ways to beat the inkrepgs -- the u.s. cyber spy agencys that cracked many of the codes that are meant to keep sensitive internet communications private. several doctor documents releasy edward snowden, they are released super fast to incrypt communication. the documents also show the agency secretly persuaded and legally forced tech nothing companies to provide the keys with the incryption programs. in a 201 2010 briefing memo forr head quarters, the agency posted an aggressive multiforeign effort to break widely used internet incryption technologies. the british agency reported ited that developed what is called access opportunitys to google's traffic. there are over 400 million users of g mail. others include yahoo! , facebook and microsoft's hot mail. the documents have been shared by the "new york times" and "repu live ca. half of americans are worried about the information available about them online. 7 out of 10 believe laws and government poli
, according to the importance that they you know ascribe to it for national security. so sure. the agencies sometimes overclassify things. but if it's top crest cod -- top secret code word, you believe it to be top secret. who owns those secrets? the government owns those secrets. for the better good al qaeda is plotting a major attack or that syria has deployed the syrian regime has deployed some chemical weapons or something, that's fine, they own that information and they decide to reveal it. of course there is discourse whether it's going to hample the capabilities - marm the capability of the nsa or otherwise. >> i don't have the republic article -- >> i was mistaken. it was -- >> it was the republica explanation of what happened. >> i'm sorry. >> why don't we go back to it and finish it off so you hear it. it said that it's certainly true that some number of bad actors possibly including would be terrorists, law enforcement or intelligence agencies. some of these bad actors may now change their behavior in response to our story. so again as to what richard was saying, doesn't that wor
think. published reports now say the national security agency has used supercomputers to bypass or in some cases crack online encryption tools. the revelation comes from documents leaked by former nsa contractor edward snowden. the government has reportedly spent billions to access online secrets. >>> and we have some breaking news overseas. one of the most wanted terrorists from the war in afghanistan has reportedly been killed in a u.s. drone strike. u.s. officials believe mullah sangeen zadran organized attacks on u.s. troops and helped capture bergdahl. in 2009. >>> and some important news about the economy. the government has just put out the monthly jobs report this morning but not everyone was hoping for good news. abc's rebecca jarvis is here to explain that. >>> josh, good morning. so much riding on this report. putting everyone back to work in america. americans will pay more to borrow from the cost of a mortgage to a car loan. the economy added 169,000 jobs in august. unemployment ticked a little lower to 7.3%. overall it was still weaker that many were expected. what
to another war. >> there were new revelations on the extent of the national security agency's ability to monitor encrypted internet communications, the adage, it isn't paranoia if they're really out to get you. that adage seems especially relevant. have t have the nsa disclosures given fuel to the conspiracy theorists? >> even beyond that, the flip side is there's been a lot of paranoia within the government about leakers. and you have people being asked to look at federal -- fellow federal employees to see if they're exhibiting supposed signs of possibly revealing classified information and this whole sort of enemy within paranoia enveloping the people at the top of the social hierarchy as well as at the bottom. >> in your book, you also trace the history of conspiracy theories. what were the earliest widely believed conspiracy theories in this country? >> it goes back to the colonial days. conspiracies about indians and about satan being the manipulator that brought indians to the country because he wanted his own empire here. and also fear of indian attacks. there was the salem wit
have your high-tech kind of well-known national security agencies that deal with threats that are global, when you are dealing with local threats and lone wolves, it is police boots on the ground, local folks, community leaders who have got to be part of the process of identifying threats. >> right here. right here, second row. >> mr. secretary, i wanted you to address the boston marathon. you said communication is key but in that situation one problem was communication between certain departments and government and certain governments. >> the full facts are not in and i do not want to speculate. you have to look at this in several stages. one set of questions will be, why? somehow they lost track of tsarnaev, the older one, when he went over to chechnya and was over there for a few months. why there was not an alert on that? why was the russian warning did not integrated or taken seriously? the second set of issues is whether within the u.s. government where people did have warning, how come they did not pursue further communication? i do not know the answer but that's a
on americans. for three years the national security agency violated rules set down by federal judges covering how the agency was allowed to use mass collected data of every telephone call made in the united states according to the more than 1800 pages of declassified documents the obama administration released yesterday. that in the papers this morning. as alexander bolton was talking about, commerce must deal with budget issues now that they are back from their august recess. "the washington post" says fight the budget bill, reporting house republican leaders unveiled a plan tuesday to keep the government (september 30, but they were scribbling to build support within their own ranks after conservatives savaged the proposal for failing to define the president obama's health initiative. the plan, as presented to the party's rank-and-file in a closed-door meeting tuesday morning, calls for the government to be funded at current levels through december 15, continuing a sharp budget cuts known as sequester. by the way, heritage action, which is now being run by former senator jim demint, republi
the vice president, heads of the c.i.a., national security agency and the f.b.i. and also new york governor pataki after the two attacks on the twin towers in new york. he was briefed by his national security advisor, condoleeza rice, who phoned him after the first attack. mr. bush was reading to some children when the second attack occurred. chief of staff andy card interrupted him, told him about the attack. it was clear at that point we were dealing with terrorists. >> i want to bring in to the conversation general al hague, the former secretary of state. general hague, at a time like this, how does america respond prudently, with the proper amount of caution, and yet with whatever force needs to be applied? >> first we have to know the full limits of this tragedy and it's unprecedented, of course. but we have to stay above all united and calm and ready to take resolute action which sometimes we have failed to do in the recent past. when the perpetrators are uncovered and we have many, many indicators of precisely who they are -- this was too broadly based a terrorist act to be just a fe
department, state department, national security agency, have all rejected or failed to answer multiple freedom of information requests made by cbs news as well as appeals of the denials. the agency cite exemptions relating -- related to ongoing investigations of national security. an article today by john sexton talking about it's been nearly a year since the attack which killed four americans in benghazi. during that time various minute-by-minute accounts of the attack have been published. in addition, the administration's decisions to refuse additional security requests and to revise its talking points after the attack have been examined in detail. further down it says, the general outlines of the c.i.a. effort have been reported. one fact, which has not been highlighted, is that the u.n. arms embargo of libya, which the united states helped pass in 2011, makes shipping weapons in or out of the country, libya, a violation of international law. indeed, the way the u.n. resolution is written, even knowingly allowing such shipments to take place may be violation of the agreement. yet, w
national security agency and they came to my office. we privately met and i said tell me the living dead was involved in this meeting. tell me what is the bottom-line of the security aspect? they went ahead and looked at this and we went into a skiff room which is in the capital and that's it private room. i won't reveal the information on the security to the capital but it's okay to do these if we do it in this way. the israeli-based company or the lg sees her american company it doesn't matter which one. if we do it this way it's involved this way and that's all i can say about it. we made a decision to award the contract. what we did with the contract is it went through j. eagan in the administrative house. we have to providers do a survey. the providers were stripped verizon and at&t. there were five of them. they would sign off ltc or do you want foxconn? the majority said they wanted foxconn. there's one little twist in this though. at one point in time the word was used and this is how i met with foxconn. i had many jewish friends. in israel and israelis israeli will say i am jewi
security worldwide due to 9/11. the national security agency repeatedly ignored court-ordered procedures by tracking thousands of phone calls without suspecting they could be connected to terrorism. that according to records released by the obama administration. these violations took place for three years until they were discovered in 2009. >>> out west, firefighters are indeed getting a handle on the mt. diablo wildfire. officials believe they could have that fire contained by the weekend. it's burned some 3200 acres. >>> now, making matters worse, burglars got into a firehouse while crews were out fighting the flames. thieves stole wedding rings, watches and computers. >>> two colorado lawmakers booted out in a recall election after supporting tougher gun control. john morse and angela guerin lost. the measures faced opposition even after last year's movie theater shooting in colorado. >>> police in gardendale, alabama, a raccoon crashed through their ceiling. it invaded the gardendale police department, was in no murray to leave. he first held on to an inside door, then he later tried
at the cia. apparently the cia has been evacuated. we know the national security agency which is the electronic eavesdropping agency which is south of baltimore, near ft. meade, maryland that they have been shut down. what we're hearing from both places is that all non-essential personnel have been told to leave. i can only imagine that probably they are trying to move some of their operations out of those buildings as well for backup procedure. but in addition to whatever intelligence was missed in all of this we now have perhaps some problems gathering intelligence as those builds are now being shut down. >> jamie, thank you very much. tom, let's go back and talk about something you mentioned a second ago that is just -- it shows the enormity of this situation in addition to what we assume will be horrendous loss of life. all planes in this country have been grounded. you think about the impact that has. is there ever a time we can imagine something like that ever happening before? >> the most powerful nation in the world and national security officia
the information in documents leaked by former national security agent edward snowden. >> reporter: the u.s. cyberspy agency has cracked many of the codes a that are meant to keep internet information private. since contractor edward snowden, the nsa has invested billions of dollars to break encrypted communications including banking transactions, consumer e-commerce, medical records and other ostensibly confidential information. they forced technology companies to provide keys to their inscription programs to e-mails and chats in the u.s. and across the world. the government communications headquarters, the agency boasted of an aggressive multi-pronged effort to break widely used interrupt encryption technologies saying that fast amountvastamounts of online datw being exploited. the british agency reported they had developed access opportunities to google's encrypted traffic. there are over 400 us 400 millis of g mail, and include yahoo, facebook and hot mail. the information from eric snowden has been shared with the guardian and others. the new poll released by the pew research systems
in finding and stopping him before he could further damage national security. together with the air force, u.s. customs, irs, and other agencies will build a strong case against him, and this past january, he was sentenced to 32 years in prison. foreign spies know that military superiority is merely one factor that determines the world's balance of power. just as important is the kind of economic innovation we find here in the bay area. so it is no surprise that spies also target the most valuable secrets of american companies. as well as universities. they hope that stealing the fruits of american innovation will give their nation's a shortcut to economic pre- eminence. an example of the cost of this type of espionage -- a former scientist for two of america's largest agricultural companies pled guilty to charges that he sent trade secrets to his native china. he became a research leader in biotechnology and the development of organic pesticides. although he had signed non- disclosure agreements, he transferred stolen trade secrets from both companies to persons in germany and china, and hi
? and why are questions involving his death met with silence? tonight, fault lines examines the nations largest law enforcement agency and asks who is holding them accountable when they pull the trigger. >> people here call this ambos nogales, or both nogales. but a steel fence built in the name of national security divides this border town. i've come to meet jose's family they live just blocks from where jose was killed. >> his brother diego worked at a shop in the center of town. jose would often meet him to help mop the floor before closing. that night, he never made it. jose antonio was shot to death, right on this street corner. the walls on this doctors office are still riddled with bullet holes. now, the border patrol's explanation for what happened hinges on the fact they say their agents were threatened by somebody throwing rocks on this side of the fence. but standing here, the first thing you ask yourself is: could a 16 year old boy really threaten somebody standing on top of what's at least a 20 foot cliff, and on the other side of that fence? whatever took place here that n
the security agency saying that collecting phone records could allow the registration of guns or gun owners. never mind that the very same nra secretly collected data on millions of americans in order to lobby against gun safety laws, as buzzfeed reported last month the gun lobby has built a massive secret data base of tens of millions of americans, including people who are not members of the nra, and uses that database to boost membership and promote political causes. david corn, which is, what is worse here the nsa's database or the nra's? >> i won't get to the hypocrisy argument because that's too obvious. the key thing is the nra is joining this lawsuit because they say if the nsa has your phone records the government can go in and see if you're calling a gun store to place an order, and therefore create a gun -- a gun owner's registry which is the nuttiest paranoid conspiracy but the whole organizing campaign of the nra, the organizing principle, is conspiracy and paranoia, you know, really -- >> and sales. and sales. >> exactly. but they can also take all of that data, marketing data,
we're under surveillance that. is a terrible thi. >> the report says the national security been unraveling making nearly everyone's secrets vibl available to the government. >> good buy, washington hello bay area for janet napolitano. vice president biden led a ceremony today for napolitano. it's a post held four and a half years. the vice president thanked napolitano for service and believes she will be back in washington some day. >> i think janet shld nbt supreme court of the united states. and that not only speaks to other kaults but your depth and knowledge. >> napolitano leaving her post to becom the first female president of the uc system based in oakland. >> coming up, storyf the hammocks that ner arrived. >> how a company ♪ take me into your darkest hour ♪ ♪ and i'll never desert you ♪ ♪ i'll stand by you yeaaaah! yeah. so that's our loyalty program. you're automatically enrolled, and the longer you stay, the more rewards you get. great! oh! ♪ i'll stand by you ♪ won't let nobody hurt you ♪ isn't there a simpler way to explain the loyalty program? yes. s
agencies are compromising online privacy for the sake of national security. the documents state that the nsa and its british counterpart, the government communications headquarters or gchq have been heading a secret deaded a lo de effort. they're using computers to crack web encryption coats through brute force and inserted secret back doors to access information they would normally be barred from thanks to digital scramb scrambling. it has reportedly cost the agency $225 million, just this year, and is designed to insert certain weak points into security systems that would be known only to the nsa itself. the problem is, as the times points out, these codes guard global commerce and banking systems, p systems, protect sensitive data and secures web searches, internet chats and phone calls of billions of people around the world. who could say what would happen if they fell into the wrong hands. the documents do not name specific companies or technologies, but they're reportedly working to penetrate encrypted traffic on what it calls the big four service providers, google, yahoo!
backward it shouldn't j jeopardize national security. google also filed its own amendment to it's version of the motion and google has reached an inpass to the government. >> die nan macedo, thanks. >> you want to know where the happiest place on earth is patti ann? >> we are going to give you a hint not disney world. we will tell you where the place is. >> are you about to brush your teeth after eating your breakfast. there might be a reason you might want to wait. first let's check in with brian kilmeade who brushed his teeth this morning i am sure. >> and you cannot have wings on the bone without sauce i should give it out. demand boneless wings. we will discuss that for next three hours. if you have time talking to senator joe mansion and discuss his alternative for election in syria. john kerry strumbling into one yesterday. michael mccall about why he believes syria could lead to a larger war then we will have fun with dancing with fun with danch the stars judge. say did i robertson is here for fashion week. we have comedian curt fox all coming up on "fox & friends." so what can i g
as the national security council are working with the appropriate people. i have confidence that we will be able to come up with a mutually agreed upon resolution to accomplish the objective. >> thank you, mr. chairman. secretary kerry and secretary hagel, the -- maybe you can comment to this. i believe the that american credibility on the international stage hangs in the balance, and while it is crucial to make sure that assad never uses chemical weapons again, i believe there's something bigger at stake, that is, the message to iran as they continue to pursue a nuclear capability. they're watching how we respond to the assad regime's crossing of the president fuzzy red line, and the world is also aware that president obama is -- the president's red line, and the world is also aware that president obama is seeking to stop weapons of mass destruction. how do you think the calculus on the nuclear program will change based on what we do now? >> congressman, there's an enormous amount of question in the region, not just by iranians, but by emer rodis, sort -- the saudis, the kuwaitis, as to whether
at this table as well as the national security council are working with the appropriate people. i have confidence that we will be able to come up with a mutually agreed upon resolution to accomplish the objective. >> thank you, mr. chairman. secretary kerry and secretary the -- maybe you can comment to this. i believe the that american credibility on the international stage hangs in the balance, and while it is crucial to make sure that assad never uses chemical weapons again, i believe there's something bigger at stake, that is, the message to iran as they continue to pursue a nuclear capability. they're watching how we respond to the assad regime's crossing of the president fuzzy red line, and the world is also aware that president obama is -- the president's red line, and the world is also aware that seeking tobama is stop weapons of mass destruction. think the calculus on the nuclear program will change based on what we do now? >> congressman, there's an enormous amount of question in the region, not just by iranians, but by emer rodis, sort -- the saudis, the u.s.tis, as to whethe
, while there were efforts to enhance border security, no agency of the u.s. government thought of counterterrorism as an arsenal. after 19 hijackers got the ease of a visa, border security is not considered a cornerstone of national security policy. we believe for reasons we will discuss in the following pages it should be made one. this is the 9/11 commission staff report on terrorist travel. so it's remarkable to me that the politicians in washington and in the administration debating whether or not we need to enforce the immigration laws and secure the borders while we face the continuing threat of terrorism, the continuing growth of transnational drug trafficking organizations in the united states, and we're being told the border is secure. the one metric, and i want everyone out there to think about this, because we're being told that when i was on with neil cavuto, he said the border patrol is down, mike, but that would mean it's not much of a problem. i'm trying to figure out how many illegals are here based on arrests is like taking attendance and asking people not pres
around and protect syria in the security council of the united nations. if there is one international agency that should be involved in any major diplomatic effort to resolve this peacefully, it should be the united nations. we should call on mr. putin to step forward with the leaders in china and say that they will work with the security council to execute any diplomatic policy that can avoid further military confrontation. until then, make no mistake ... president putin's proposal today and the activities we are seeing and hearing from syria are a direct result of president obama's leadership. he has stepped up, evening though this is an unpopular position with some in this country, and said that we cannot i.gignore this red line createdy the world when it came to chemical weapons. it is time for others to stand up and join us, to join in stopping the advancement and use of chemical weapons once and for all. i've been listening to the syria debate and i can't tell you how many times, mr. president, i've hearkened back to the time 12 years ago when we debated entering the wore in ira
of the good things to coordinate local agencies with her as drug enforcement and national security issues. janet, i think the fact that the chief of police and the city of washington, d.c. here and the local law enforcement officials are here. we give testimony that you've done it extremely well. you reminded this department constantly it's not just the people, it's the department. the american people have to be called in as part of providing for the national security of the united states of america. i start off with that point because it's one of the missions. you've done an extraordinary job. this is preaching to the choir. everyone in here knows the job you've done. my frustration is sometimes i wish the nation had some insight with the job you do and with your colleagues out there. all of the hundreds of hours, because hundreds of hours in that situation and the nation could understand how incredible you are to have guided the nation for the last 48 years. whether it's combatting terrorism or keeping the homeland safe. but you've been responsible for federal emergency responses to dis
's leaders in a foreign policy and national-security are going to meet the trade of entrepreneurship to change the organizations and agencies. >> the first is my colleague to my right christian cornet will be live tweeting that even the and she will also be using the hashtag for the two organizations. you can use that to hashtag and during the q&a if you don't want to ask a question of the microphone you can tweet it is ecdt. she will be asking them from her microphone for the panelists. it's my pleasure to introduce the moderator. beth is the director for the leadership and organizational studies of the office of the secretary of defense. she has been with the department of defense since 2004 since she joined the presidential management fellow and also worked in afghanistan while she was there. prior to her time, she worked in the public at the private sectors. i know you had a chance to read her biography on the web site but we will mention some kind of website. she had a fellowship in san francisco and worked in silicon valley and most recently created an online community of the f
agencies and local law enforcement, whether drug enforcement or whether it's national security issues. and janet, i think the fact that the chief of police in the city of washington, d.c. here, and kelly of new york and many other local law enforcement officials are here, i think they would give testimony to the fact that you've done and extremely well job. and as stated by rand, you remind this department consummately it's not the people of this department. it's the american people who have to be called in as part of providing financial security of the united states of america. so i start off with that point because i think it's one of the things that's made you so incredibly effective. and i can't tell you how much the president and i are going to miss you, and that is not hyperbole. you've done absolutely extraordinary job, and this is preaching to the choir. everyone in your nose the job you've done. my frustration, at the time i think about it, i wish, i wish the nation new had some insight into just the kind of job you do, and with our colleagues out there, all the times you hav
security agency recordings may hold clues to the death of a former un secretary general. the swedish diplomat died in a mysterious plane crash. ♪ >>> the financial crisis like happened in 2008, does the risk still exist? pahlsson tells an economic group in new york some of the same conditions that lead to the collapse are with us today. >> all of the progress that have been made, in some cases flabber gsas me. five years after the financial progress we have made no progress, and we are still debating whether we have solved the dilemma of too big to fail banks. >> he adds his biggest regret of 208 was not being ail to come vince the american people the bailout for the banks wasn't for wall street but for them. >>> one factor behind the drop in support is the surprise announcement that syria could turn over their chemical weapons. the dow is closing up more than just a tick over 140 points. >>> unions in america have been on a steady decline, but california is bucking that trend. the state has seen a steady rise in union memberships. stephanie has more on why any labor is growing in
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